This It Girl Mastered 2017's Biggest Trend Before It Was a Thing

by Gina Marinelli

Margaret Zhang has been mastering the ballet trend well before we saw its influence across sneakers or swimsuits. But you might have never guessed it from looking at the street style star. The Australia-born photographer and creative director made a splash when her blog Shine by Three launched in 2009, and subsequently, every Fashion Week after, as her unique layering and use of colour and pattern made her fodder for every photographer standing outside the runway. But a major dance influence came into play much earlier for Zhang, informing pretty much every outfit we’ve ever seen on the 24-year-old and preceding the 2017 It trend by decades.

Zhang studied ballet from a very young ago but stepped away from her rigorous training at 16 right before she started her website. However, the rehearsal mentality and discipline stuck, not to mention an appreciation for layered pieces, easy silhouettes, and fabrics that move. “Most traditional ballet training really trains you to be very feminine,” she explains, adding that her POV has shifted to be “more boyish and a little more tailored,” but it’s just as connected to her training.

Below, Zhang told us a bit more about what makes ballet such a powerful point of reference for fashion, all while demonstrating four inspiring head-to-toe ensembles anyone—even those with two left feet—can re-create.

Take a look at Zhang’s impeccable outfits below.

What’s your favourite look from Zhang’s shoot? Let us know in the comments below.

Credits: Photographer/Stylist/Model: Margaret Zhang; Producer: Samantha Bennetts; Hair and Makeup: Chloe Langford

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