How to Wear Birkenstocks in 2017

Dacy Knight

There are few footwear staples as polarising as Birkenstocks. The super-comfortable shoe has been called "ugly" by some yet holds a fan club by others who wear them daily (including yours truly). Though its history runs back all the way to 1774, the German sandal has only really been adopted by the fashion set in the past handful of years. More and more bloggers, editors, and influencers were seen sporting the foot-comforming shoe in street style shots from fashion week.

As demonstrated by the fashion-minded who adopted the everyday footwear, how to wear Birkenstocks was hardly a question as the clunky shoe magically seemed to go with anything. Suddenly the low-key sandal became an appropriate if not stylish option to pair with everything from slinky dresses to feminine frocks to any iteration of jean or trouser getup. So whichever side of the debate you stand when it comes to the most comfortable shoe you might ever set foot in (forgive my bias), it's worth checking out how to wear Birkenstocks, according to fashion girls. If you're not already a proponent, you may be persuaded.

Head below to see how fashion girls are styling their Birkenstocks.

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