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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so it's smart to start thinking about what you want to wear now. After all, there are travel plans to finalise and a sweet potato casserole recipe to perfect! The holidays are an opportunity to catch up with friends old and new and far-away relatives, so it's important to make a stylish impression. Plus, there will be picture-taking-this is a certainty! The catch, however, is that your outfit needs to be comfortable enough to accommodate a full belly and a long day of cooking, table-setting, and football-watching. Considering all of the above, we've come up with a recipe for the perfect Thanksgiving getup. Ingredient #1: The LFD. The little fall dress is your fail-safe for this occasion. Look for one that's not belted or snug and is either short or midi-length. We suggest going for some delicious autumnal colours (cranberry, ochre, forest green, winter teal) and stick to fabrics that add warmth and comfort. Finally, go for either three-quarter or full-length sleeves to ensure you look seasonally appropriate. Ingredient #2: Opaque Tights. Next, add some additional interest to your outfit with opaque tights. Stick to your fall colour palette and feel free to play with texture; cable-knit, ribbed, and heathered tights all are great options. Ingredient #3: Short Boots. Finally, leave your pumps in your closet and reach for a short boot with a moderate heel instead. Picture a feminized, heeled version of a men's loafer or oxford. You'll want some height to balance your short dress and tights look, but choose a chunkier heel, as they're easier to walk and stand in. Ideally, your shoe should have texture too (suede is our fave!), and tassels or ties will add character and charm to your Turkey Day outfit! Now pass the pie...

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