The Accessories Every Fashion Girl Will Be Buying Next

Amanda Stavropoulos

Ellery just presented its A/W 17 collection in Paris overnight, and there was nothing better for us to wake up to this morning on such a dreary Sydney day. Designer Kym Ellery once again presented a flawless collection that proves why she's one of Australia's most successful fashion exports.

Before the presentation, Ellery opened up to POPSUGAR Australia on her inspiration behind the collection, describing it as an "electric awakening". And it's evident from what we saw of the whole collection, that it is an awakening of sorts. Ellery has introduced bright colours, vivid prints, and a new accessory collection that almost stole the show.

While the whole presentation was breathtaking (as per usual), it was the accessories we can't take our eyes off, and we predict every fashion girl will be lining up for. There was not a single pair of simple black ankle boots sent down the runway, instead, Ellery showcased statement boots—perspex heels, velvet, bright colours and patent leather. The jewellery (which is a relatively new category for the designer) was another standout for the show, featuring bold can't-miss-them pieces.

Scroll down to peep our favourite accessories from the Ellery A/W 17 presentation.

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