Everything You Need to Create the Perfect Cosy Sunday Afternoon

Meghan Blalock

Last month, celebrity stylists Emily Current and Meritt Elliott took us on a stylish trip to Ojai—and this month, they have a new obsession: the perfectly cosy Sunday afternoon in. (Who doesn't love that, though?!)

Emily and Meritt shared the pieces they turn to again and again when they need a lazy (but stylish) Sunday afternoon at home. From socks that are as adorable as they are comfy to to-die-for bath oils and scented candles, their picks will have you ready to close the blinds, slip into a robe, and indulge in some serious "me" time.

"There's nothing we find more indulgent than treating yourself to a cosy Sunday at home," the stylists tell us. "From decadent bubble bath to cosy socks, here is our guide to doing absolutely nothing."

Keep scrolling to see Emily and Meritt's picks for a perfectly cosy Sunday afternoon!

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