What a Fashion Editor Would Add to Your Winter Wardrobe

Amanda Stavropoulos

Coming off the back of Fashion Week Australia in May, I'm feeling reinspired to add some fresh energy to my wardrobe. I usually fall back onto old staples for winter—the same coat, same jeans, same boots—wearing a version of the same each day. This winter, I vow to make the effort each day, and I'm turning to our #WWWwinter30 challenge for help. Each day for the month of June, we're inviting our readers to shake up their look in one way or another—get out of the habit of wearing a "uniform", and put the fun into getting dressed each morning.

To help kickstart my #WWWwinter30 challenge journey, I'm adding a few updates to my wardrobe. Pieces that will liven up my often-dark wardrobe, and I'm inviting you to do the same. If I could get into each and every one of your wardrobes, these are the trends I'd add for winter. And if you already own similar pieces? Take part in our wardrobe challenge, tag #WWWwinter30 on Instagram, and show us how your favourite looks.

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Opening images: Collage Vintage

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