These Jeans Have 99 Positive Reviews on General Pants

Lara Burnell

We love to be the first to touch on new denim trends. So far we know that in 2017 uneven frayed hems are a thing, and so are jeans with a detachable front (thanks, Gigi for making that happen). But one thing we were curious to find out was what you're actually buying. We reached out to General Pants to learn which jeans had the most reviews on its site and to see if there was a popular style that everyone is buying. Turns out the old-faithful black skinny jean remain the go-to. We then trawled the online store and discovered 99 people have reviewed the Dr Denim Moxy Jeans with an overall customer rating of 4.8. You really can't go wrong with black skinny jeans, but don't take it from us, this is what the public had to say about them:

“ These jeans are incredible!”

“ They mould to my body and fit/look amazing!”

“I wear them every day, slimming and with a great high waist.”

“Must have staple denim jeans.”

Not bad for less than $100. 

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