The Maximum Manageable Heel Height for Girls Who Can't Walk in Heels

Micaela Erlanger

If you're like many fashion girls I know, you love the flattering elongation provided by high heels but would prefer to forgo any teetering, slipping, or ankle-twisting. While walking in heels might not top your list of talents, there's a certain height that's generally comfortable, flattering and safe.

Since high heels at 120–125 millimetres are incredibly high, pairs around 115 millimetres and under make for a manageable height to run around in. Even if you don't feel confident walking in high heels, you'll be able to handle this flattering height for special events or days at work.

Additionally, tricks like adding heel grips, insoles, or foot petals can help keep your feet from slipping in or chafing against shoes. Moleskin can also help you avoid blisters from shoes that haven't been lined properly or have seams in uncomfortable places.

Ready for a more comfortable and confident high-heel experience? Shop chic pairs under 115 millimetres below!


Micaela Erlanger
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