Why I Can Justify Spending $550 on a Leather Jacket

Lara Burnell

As soon as payday rolls around, it's all too easy to throw away money impulsively by shopping online, or after a quick stroll passed Zara. (Those times you'll find just about any reason under the sun to justify purchasing the metallic floral-print trousers you see in the window at 50% off.) Whenever this happens, think back to your dreaded unwanted clothes drawer, or the bag under your bed full of pieces you swore you'd eventually wear. Do you really need to add to this pile with another cheap impulse buy?

There's a better way to think when shopping each season. It's a simple concept, but will save you time and money in years to come. You've probably heard it before, it's called the cost per wear rule.

Keep scrolling to learn how to crunch the numbers. 

Start by using this concept on your staple wardrobe pieces, such as black pants, a coat, or a watch—items that you will be wearing frequently and therefore worth the investment.  Let's take a leather jacket for example.


16 (wears per month) x 3 (months—as a seasonal item) x 15 (years it will be in fashion) = 720

$550/720 = .76c per wear.

So for $550, you'd be getting more value for money in the long run, plus the most important thing above all is, you'll feel amazing in a good quality, stylish piece. You will actually want to take this jacket out of the winter pile every year.

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