14 Cool Aussie Brands Fashion Girls Secretly Love

Lauren Eggertsen

Where are fashion girls to go when they are sick of everything in their closets in addition to all of their go-to shopping destinations? Down under, to the land of the unknown home-grown brands of course. We often associate our country with sun, fun, and everything lcasual, but what we frequently fail to realise is just how objectively fashionable this place secretly (to us at least) is. So much so that you might end up ditching all your favourite go-to retailers once you read up on what is hiding amid the mainstream.

To preface this before you read any further, the amount of extremely stylish under-ground brands seemed endless, making choosing the ones to showcase here today particularly difficult, but since we feel like we know you well enough by now, the brands ahead are ones we think you'll draw a liking to. While some of these may ring a bell due to sightings on some of your favourite celebrities, others will be excitingly foreign. From swimwear to ready-to-wear to accessories, get ready to shop the Australian brands fashion girls obsess over and that you will remember too.

Go on to read all about the Australian brands fashion girls love and to shop our favourite items from each.

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